Another song and its video that attracts me...

Every artist have their own way in carrying out the message that they want to deliver. And Katty Perry has her own. I love her her song-Fireworks. It has a superb lyrics. The songs is mainly about motivating those who have low self-esteem. The video shows how we should not be in our life. We should hide ourself from the world just because we feel less confident.And I love the way the song was choreographed. The fireworks that came out from them and Katty Perry really was the hook of the video. I guess they got the idea from the title of the song. The way she sang the song was too emotional and really motivating to those who afraid of showing their real self. Guys, colorful fireworks will come out from you once you release and free your soul! Be yourself and dont try to be someone else or afraid of showing your real side. Finally, I like all the editing they did in the video. Obviously the sparkles is one of them.The music and lyrics are simply superb! Enjoy the video :

A song video that I like :

This is actually the official video of Justin Bieber’s  Somebody To Love Remix ft Usher. I saw this video about few days back. I really like the way the choreographer choreographed this video. Superb dance steps and awesome editing. The first time I watched this I felt so curious to see what is going to happen next. For an example, the part in 2.09. The editing made me wonder how do they do all this kind of editings. It gave me an interest to learn more about this. Usher suddenly popping out of Justin while the dancers were still dancing behind Justin really impressed me. The choreographer also used different and various themes in the video such as ninja, Chinese fan dance, street dance and so on. The fire in the video ( 2.35) made it look more interesting.  My most favorite part is from 2.36-2.40. I really wish I know how to edit like that. I am going to learn all that before graduating!

Another interesting activity that I came across recently …

About few weeks back, when Mr Fauzan was doing consultation session in MI class, my friends and I were having some chit chat. My friend Lai Yee was talking about the nail polish on her nails. She said it was too difficult to put that design. So I couldn’t help myself from asking, so I asked how she did it. She said it is called Water Marble Nail art. It sounded different so I asked her in detail. I have attached the tutorial here, so feel free to go through it.
                I got excited. It sounded really easy to do. So I went back home and tried it. Then I realized it may sound easy but it was too difficult to do. Lai Yee was right. We require the correct nail polish to achieve the marbling effect. Because my nail polishes did not spread on the water. Disappointment! But I found the technique so unique. I never know there are many ways to do nail arts like this. Please try this and let me know,girls. Here are some pictures of the final product:

One of the most interesting things that I have ever seen…

    I went to the computer shop in the food court in MMU last week. I just followed my friend who had printer problem. I was looking through all the computer things that they sell while my friend was talking with one of the staff there. All the things there were quite normal. It were all the same kind of mouse, mouse pad, USB pen drive and so on. But I saw something different there that really caught my attention. At first I thought it’s a normal pen drive. But still, I took it in my hand and started exploring it. It was not a pen drive. It was a nail clipper. A very cute and compact nail clipper. But it looked like a pen drive with its thread knotted in the end.
    I wanted to buy it because of the creativeness of those who designed it. But it was too expensive for a nail clipper. It was RM12. So I left without  buying. When I reached the hostel I was wondering, people must be very creative to create things like that. So I googled and found few interesting looking pen drives. Here are few of them :
 It looks more like a normal key but its actually a key.
 It attracts all the sushi lovers. hehehe....
              This " thumb" drive really caught my attention!! Its a simple design but yet it attracts people easily.

TV reality show that I have been watching recently…

I have been watching a reality show called The Fashion Show in Diva Universal recently. Obviously it is related to fashion designers and fashion show. The program is actually a competition among fashion designers where the winner finally wins a big amount of money. Every week the designers will be given a theme and they are required to design a dress or outfit within 48 hours. I was totally amazed at first when I saw that they actually can finish designing their own dress within 48 hours. I would be so lucky if I were born with such interest and talent! No shopping and no money flowing out. But after watching the program for so long, I realized that the environment of the show is almost like our designing studio here in MMU. They work in enclosed area and they also receive comments from their judges. It can be hurting and discouraging sometimes. But at the bottom line, everyone is learning something in the end, through the hard way or the easy way. After receiving all the positive and negative comments from the judges, the winner actually learns how the actual world is out there.
Besides that, I also noticed how the fashion designers designed their dress. They give importance to the target audience, the materials to be used, the color to be used and many more other things. It shows how much planning and being discipline in following what you have learnt is important in designing. I really find the show useful to me as a designing student.

A photographer that caught my eyes!!

Guys, recently I came a across a photographer called Sree. He has his own company called Sonic Image. I find his work different from the rest. He is actually a diverse photographer. He does not only focus on weddings but even personalized creative photo shoots. He is a master of capturing emotions on a special day with his sensational images. He is married and has two cute children. These are some of his wonderful artworks that I admire very much.

 I love the part where he gives emphasis on her henna design.
 The scene looks so romantic. The picture speaks for itself.

 He also do different type photographies other than weddings.

A girl's best moment in life..Being a bride. And I just love the way he captured it!! Lucky her..

Here is his official website's link. You can visit it and view more of his collections,guys..Have fun!!

About the book that I am reading now!!!

          Haloha, guys. Have you watch the movie Eat, Pray,Love that was released recently? The movie was acted by  Julia Roberts in the main role. This movie is based on Elizabeth Gilbert's actual life. She wrote this book  few years back. I saw Oprah talking about this book in one of her show. It really caught my attention back then but I did not take the initiative to buy this book and read. My sister brought me to watch this movie when it was newly released. After watching the movie, honestly speaking I did not have the excited feeling that Oprah Winfrey had in her show while promoting this book. But I knew that Oprah's favorite books are not usually the boring type. And then I realized that movies that based on famous novels are not exactly the same with the original plots. For an example, Harry Potter the series and many more. 
            So I borrowed the book from my sister and reading it now. I really love the way Elizabeth endure problems her life. The book is actually about a woman's search about everything. She went to Italy and enjoyed eating. She went to India to find peace in spiritualism. Finally she went to Bali and find the love of her life. The method she explains her feelings is very detailed. Jokes here and there is the story makes the book even more interesting. 
           I learnt that to accomplish something in life we must make sure that our mind and soul is in peace. Being stressed out and worried will never help you to solve your problems. Thats what Elizabeth has given us in her book.

                                          This is Elizabeth Gilbert with her love,Felipe from Bali.
                                                                     This is the book cover.
                                                                              This is her with her book.

The Concept Store

I went to Alamanda,Putrajaya last week to watch a movie with my friend. I was looking for a concept store while I was there and I saw one that interested me. The shop is called SWATCH. We can know from the name itself that the shop sells watches. The shop was quite small and only has few watches showcased in front. Once I entered the shop, the saleswoman started to follow me everywhere I go. Since I was the only customer in the shop that time, she did not have nothing else to do. It kind of annoyed me since I dislike salespersons following me while I am shopping. But I took my own sweet time to look around the store. The store was designed well. Even from far, we can identify the store as a watch selling store. Thank to the interior design. When the salesperson became busy with another customer who just entered, I started to snap pictures. Honestly, I was nervous the whole time I was in the store because of the picture snapping part. It makes me feel like as though I am spying on them. It was thrilling at the same time. I checked few of the watches' price in the store. They are designed for casual wears but they are very costly. A normal looking watch was RM 200 !!! The only thing that was running through my mind while I was in the store was "Who would buy a watch for RM 200 if you can buy a similar looking watch for RM15?? ". Then I thought these watches must be better in quality. The background playback song was actually very mind relaxing. But I did not able to listen to the song properly since I was more nervously snapping pictures without the salesperson knowing. Hahahaha !!! Anyway these are the pictures that I snapped in the store: