Another interesting activity that I came across recently …

About few weeks back, when Mr Fauzan was doing consultation session in MI class, my friends and I were having some chit chat. My friend Lai Yee was talking about the nail polish on her nails. She said it was too difficult to put that design. So I couldn’t help myself from asking, so I asked how she did it. She said it is called Water Marble Nail art. It sounded different so I asked her in detail. I have attached the tutorial here, so feel free to go through it.
                I got excited. It sounded really easy to do. So I went back home and tried it. Then I realized it may sound easy but it was too difficult to do. Lai Yee was right. We require the correct nail polish to achieve the marbling effect. Because my nail polishes did not spread on the water. Disappointment! But I found the technique so unique. I never know there are many ways to do nail arts like this. Please try this and let me know,girls. Here are some pictures of the final product:


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