Another song and its video that attracts me...

Every artist have their own way in carrying out the message that they want to deliver. And Katty Perry has her own. I love her her song-Fireworks. It has a superb lyrics. The songs is mainly about motivating those who have low self-esteem. The video shows how we should not be in our life. We should hide ourself from the world just because we feel less confident.And I love the way the song was choreographed. The fireworks that came out from them and Katty Perry really was the hook of the video. I guess they got the idea from the title of the song. The way she sang the song was too emotional and really motivating to those who afraid of showing their real self. Guys, colorful fireworks will come out from you once you release and free your soul! Be yourself and dont try to be someone else or afraid of showing your real side. Finally, I like all the editing they did in the video. Obviously the sparkles is one of them.The music and lyrics are simply superb! Enjoy the video :


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