Video shoot in Astro!

I had a wonderful time that day. It was a very fine day when I went to Astro with my friends for assignment purposes. My friends and I doing a documentary about a Radio DJ for our video production. So we chose THR Raaga Uthaya as our subject matter. THR Raaga is a tamil radio station that is located in Astro. The environment inside the Astro building was very cool! There were a lot of TVs placed on the walls which was playing all kind of channels. The radio station was awesome! All the DJs there were very friendly. I love that working environment where people were so friendly and helpful. We even helped them to do their "gotcha" pranking recording. And the best part of the place is their cafe. Their cafeteria was like a hotel buffet. Lots of foods and drinks. Various food types! I totally enjoyed the day and i did not have the heart to leave that place.  
                                                    Us with one of the DJ, Aanantha!

                                                  Our subject matter in the recording studio.


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