What is Less is more? Or More is Less? From my understanding, less is more means an artwork with less designs can be highly appreciated for its uniqueness and creativity even though the quantity is small. In this case only the quality matters. For an example, an advertisement with less elements of the product can also be famous and totally reachable among the people. It shows that even though less elements are used, they can be straight to point. Other than that, they can also be very understandable by the users. For a conclusion on this part, a less designed artwork can be more appreciated than the more designed one.

This is a very simple advertisement that shows power and simplicity.

But this also can be mean that an artwork with less efforts and hardwork can be the one which receives more complaints and negative comments. Those who feel lazy in doing research and precedent studies before carrying out a project can be highly not appreciated. It shows that they are not eligible to be a designer.On the other hand, more is less means the opposite. Sometimes when the artwork consist of too many elements of design, it may just confuse the audience. Too many information can be uncomfortable for someone to look at. It just will overcrowd the design and will receive less responds from the audience.

For an example, my friends and I did a documentary  about a radio dj recently as our assignment. The actual documentary is about 5 minutes long. But our footages were 6 hours long. It was very difficult for us in the end to edit the video because of the overcrowded footages. Our work was not the best in the class either because we were confused which video will be the most suitable. This shows that having too many elements or styles in one artwork can be difficult to handle and to reach to the public.


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