the passion I have for earrings!

I always had this special passion for earrings. It doesn't matter whether I will wear it or not, but i buy it if I really like it. I also love to present girls with beautiful earrings. For me, they make a girl look outstanding. During a special occasion, a classy and elegance earrings is enough to make her look pretty. While I was browsing through the net just now, I saw some creative earring designs that really attract me. I definitely would not wear such earrings but i found it creative. They would not give the elegance and pretty look that I was talking about but if its creative why not give it a try? here are the earrings :

 Feather as earrings...I love this earring.
 Hahahahha...Iphone earrings..
 Ear muff earrings??!!?? Hahaha...creative..
 Cocktail earrings..
 Casette earrings..


Heather said...

Those feather earrings are amazing!

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