Interior designs..

My friend, Rooben's family is building a new house in Klang. His father has hired a professional interior designer to design the entire house. As far as I know, its a very big house with spacious rooms for everyone including himself. Recently he brought some pictures that the interior designer sent the father to MMU. He showed us the pictures. The designs were simply superb. One thing that amazed me was he designed everything in 3D. I am currently working on an assignment that requires me to design an internet cafe in 3D. Only i know how am i struggling to do that. The designer just designed it as if there is no difficulties at all. But definitely he is getting a good pay for it!! Interior designing is very expensive it seems according to my friend. The design in 3D also looks very realistic. Here are the pictures for you to look at :

 Staircase in the living room.
 This is the kitchen.
This is the living room i think.


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