What is Less is more? Or More is Less? From my understanding, less is more means an artwork with less designs can be highly appreciated for its uniqueness and creativity even though the quantity is small. In this case only the quality matters. For an example, an advertisement with less elements of the product can also be famous and totally reachable among the people. It shows that even though less elements are used, they can be straight to point. Other than that, they can also be very understandable by the users. For a conclusion on this part, a less designed artwork can be more appreciated than the more designed one.

This is a very simple advertisement that shows power and simplicity.

But this also can be mean that an artwork with less efforts and hardwork can be the one which receives more complaints and negative comments. Those who feel lazy in doing research and precedent studies before carrying out a project can be highly not appreciated. It shows that they are not eligible to be a designer.On the other hand, more is less means the opposite. Sometimes when the artwork consist of too many elements of design, it may just confuse the audience. Too many information can be uncomfortable for someone to look at. It just will overcrowd the design and will receive less responds from the audience.

For an example, my friends and I did a documentary  about a radio dj recently as our assignment. The actual documentary is about 5 minutes long. But our footages were 6 hours long. It was very difficult for us in the end to edit the video because of the overcrowded footages. Our work was not the best in the class either because we were confused which video will be the most suitable. This shows that having too many elements or styles in one artwork can be difficult to handle and to reach to the public.


What is form follows function? And what is function follows form? According to wikipedia, Form follows function is a principle associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century. The principle is that the shape of a building or object should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. What I understood from this phrase is that a design or a style or a shape of an object follows the function of the object. For an example, a chair's shape is designed according to the exact purpose of its existence. If the chair is built for people to have a quick nap, the chairs shape must be long enough to make the people feel comfortable and cosy. Another example is flat shoes. The shoes are designed flat to make sure to meet the function of the shoes which is to make the users to feel comfortable to walk around.

The basic rule for any design is “Form follows function.” If an object has to perform a certain function, its design must support that function to the fullest extent possible. This also goes for industrial design and even more for Web design. This rule is also equally important for web designers as well as architectural designers. A web designer must make sure the structure of a particular website suits the typical users of the website. The typical users can be the function here. But definitely the purpose the website was created is also very important. The typical user must feel comfortable and convenient in using the website.  The design and basic structure must be user friendly.

Then what is function follows shape? In this case, the shape plays a more dominent role in design than the function or purpose of the particular object. The shape of an object determines the function of the object. It might say that the object is first designed and then was experimented to explore more on the functions part. For an example,we can talk about Iphones. Iphones has a special features that everyone loves : touch screens, unlimited softwares, interesting games and everything. It has accomplished a special design and shape for itself. We now even have Iphone  shaped cushions. I saw my friend holding a 'Iphone' the other day. I went near to ask when he bought that expensive phone and he said its a RM800 worth Ipod. But the shape and the touch screens looks exactly like Iphone. The function of a Ipod follows the form of a Iphone.

Interesting sculptures...

According to wikipedia, Sculpture is three-dimensional artwork created by shaping or combining hard materials - typically stone - or marble, metal, glass, or wood. Softer ("plastic") materials can also be used, such as clay, textiles, plastics, polymers and softer metals. Sculpturing requires real talent and passion. It needs a lot of effort a sculpture efficiently. I saw some of sculptures in Internet that is build using plants, wood pieces and many more. I totally agree that even though the end products looks nice and presentable, the hardwork required to finish it is really extraordinary. Here are some of the examples:

Chocolates !!!!

Chocolateis always finger licking good. Chocolate can be symbol of friendship and love. Even, chocolate makes happy moments to a family. Chocolate makes girls be cute. Chocolate can be an enemy to the elder age people. Besides, chocolate can make girls fall in love with a guy who give the chocolate. Chocolate can  create  smile on a person. Furthermore, forgivingness also can be solve by a chocolate. Chocolate makes a person to be selfish too. Then, chocolate create sharing and caring feelings. Chocolate can be a game such as hide and seek. Chocolate make a romantic moments for a couples. Chocolate is a health food when eat with fruits. Happiness equal to chocolate.

Yuumy colorful chocolates!!!

Will you marry me?

Recently, I watched a marriage proposal video. The man proposed his girlfriend live on air.It make me to think every time there is a wedding proposal different way is used to propose.Everyone use their own creativity to impress their loved ones. The proposal of marriage is an event where one person in a relationship asks for the other's hand in marriage.For example, every man propose tot heir loved ones using a different media. Some hides the special ring in a yummy chocolate cakes. Some hide it in wine. Some hide it in  sea shells. Some hide it in ice-creams. Girls love it when a guy propose to them in a unique and creative way. Here is some examples of proposal that I saw in Internet. There are really nice and romantic.

Nice typography that I have encounter so far...

As a design student, I am required to design a lot typo play for my assignments. So I started to observe for creative typo play in my surrounding since that day. Typo play is actually about arrangement and formation of texts that we play with. I realised  that we can design a lot of stuff with this typography. It plays an important role even in drawing portrait. Human faces can be drawn using only texts. It creates a different kind of style for the drawings. Here are some of the examples of typography:

Facebook !!!!!!

Everyone nowadays are addicted to facebook. Facebook is a medium for them to see the outside world and to see what is happening in their friends' life. It helps them to save their time. Thinking about it : Is facebook a good thing or a bad thing that ever happened to someone. Everyone that I know including myself update their facebook profile more often than they revise their textbook or do their daily responsibilities. Facebook is even considered to be the main factor of decrease in students' reputation in studies. But elderly people in this world can use this medium to get to know their long lost friends. Facebook is a famous social network nowadays.