A song video that I like :

This is actually the official video of Justin Bieber’s  Somebody To Love Remix ft Usher. I saw this video about few days back. I really like the way the choreographer choreographed this video. Superb dance steps and awesome editing. The first time I watched this I felt so curious to see what is going to happen next. For an example, the part in 2.09. The editing made me wonder how do they do all this kind of editings. It gave me an interest to learn more about this. Usher suddenly popping out of Justin while the dancers were still dancing behind Justin really impressed me. The choreographer also used different and various themes in the video such as ninja, Chinese fan dance, street dance and so on. The fire in the video ( 2.35) made it look more interesting.  My most favorite part is from 2.36-2.40. I really wish I know how to edit like that. I am going to learn all that before graduating! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOI4OF7iIr4&feature=related


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