One of the most interesting things that I have ever seen…

    I went to the computer shop in the food court in MMU last week. I just followed my friend who had printer problem. I was looking through all the computer things that they sell while my friend was talking with one of the staff there. All the things there were quite normal. It were all the same kind of mouse, mouse pad, USB pen drive and so on. But I saw something different there that really caught my attention. At first I thought it’s a normal pen drive. But still, I took it in my hand and started exploring it. It was not a pen drive. It was a nail clipper. A very cute and compact nail clipper. But it looked like a pen drive with its thread knotted in the end.
    I wanted to buy it because of the creativeness of those who designed it. But it was too expensive for a nail clipper. It was RM12. So I left without  buying. When I reached the hostel I was wondering, people must be very creative to create things like that. So I googled and found few interesting looking pen drives. Here are few of them :
 It looks more like a normal key but its actually a key.
 It attracts all the sushi lovers. hehehe....
              This " thumb" drive really caught my attention!! Its a simple design but yet it attracts people easily.


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