TV reality show that I have been watching recently…

I have been watching a reality show called The Fashion Show in Diva Universal recently. Obviously it is related to fashion designers and fashion show. The program is actually a competition among fashion designers where the winner finally wins a big amount of money. Every week the designers will be given a theme and they are required to design a dress or outfit within 48 hours. I was totally amazed at first when I saw that they actually can finish designing their own dress within 48 hours. I would be so lucky if I were born with such interest and talent! No shopping and no money flowing out. But after watching the program for so long, I realized that the environment of the show is almost like our designing studio here in MMU. They work in enclosed area and they also receive comments from their judges. It can be hurting and discouraging sometimes. But at the bottom line, everyone is learning something in the end, through the hard way or the easy way. After receiving all the positive and negative comments from the judges, the winner actually learns how the actual world is out there.
Besides that, I also noticed how the fashion designers designed their dress. They give importance to the target audience, the materials to be used, the color to be used and many more other things. It shows how much planning and being discipline in following what you have learnt is important in designing. I really find the show useful to me as a designing student.


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