A photographer that caught my eyes!!

Guys, recently I came a across a photographer called Sree. He has his own company called Sonic Image. I find his work different from the rest. He is actually a diverse photographer. He does not only focus on weddings but even personalized creative photo shoots. He is a master of capturing emotions on a special day with his sensational images. He is married and has two cute children. These are some of his wonderful artworks that I admire very much.

 I love the part where he gives emphasis on her henna design.
 The scene looks so romantic. The picture speaks for itself.

 He also do different type photographies other than weddings.

A girl's best moment in life..Being a bride. And I just love the way he captured it!! Lucky her..

Here is his official website's link.http://www.sonicimagephotography.com/ You can visit it and view more of his collections,guys..Have fun!!


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