The Concept Store

I went to Alamanda,Putrajaya last week to watch a movie with my friend. I was looking for a concept store while I was there and I saw one that interested me. The shop is called SWATCH. We can know from the name itself that the shop sells watches. The shop was quite small and only has few watches showcased in front. Once I entered the shop, the saleswoman started to follow me everywhere I go. Since I was the only customer in the shop that time, she did not have nothing else to do. It kind of annoyed me since I dislike salespersons following me while I am shopping. But I took my own sweet time to look around the store. The store was designed well. Even from far, we can identify the store as a watch selling store. Thank to the interior design. When the salesperson became busy with another customer who just entered, I started to snap pictures. Honestly, I was nervous the whole time I was in the store because of the picture snapping part. It makes me feel like as though I am spying on them. It was thrilling at the same time. I checked few of the watches' price in the store. They are designed for casual wears but they are very costly. A normal looking watch was RM 200 !!! The only thing that was running through my mind while I was in the store was "Who would buy a watch for RM 200 if you can buy a similar looking watch for RM15?? ". Then I thought these watches must be better in quality. The background playback song was actually very mind relaxing. But I did not able to listen to the song properly since I was more nervously snapping pictures without the salesperson knowing. Hahahaha !!! Anyway these are the pictures that I snapped in the store:


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