About the book that I am reading now!!!

          Haloha, guys. Have you watch the movie Eat, Pray,Love that was released recently? The movie was acted by  Julia Roberts in the main role. This movie is based on Elizabeth Gilbert's actual life. She wrote this book  few years back. I saw Oprah talking about this book in one of her show. It really caught my attention back then but I did not take the initiative to buy this book and read. My sister brought me to watch this movie when it was newly released. After watching the movie, honestly speaking I did not have the excited feeling that Oprah Winfrey had in her show while promoting this book. But I knew that Oprah's favorite books are not usually the boring type. And then I realized that movies that based on famous novels are not exactly the same with the original plots. For an example, Harry Potter the series and many more. 
            So I borrowed the book from my sister and reading it now. I really love the way Elizabeth endure problems her life. The book is actually about a woman's search about everything. She went to Italy and enjoyed eating. She went to India to find peace in spiritualism. Finally she went to Bali and find the love of her life. The method she explains her feelings is very detailed. Jokes here and there is the story makes the book even more interesting. 
           I learnt that to accomplish something in life we must make sure that our mind and soul is in peace. Being stressed out and worried will never help you to solve your problems. Thats what Elizabeth has given us in her book.

                                          This is Elizabeth Gilbert with her love,Felipe from Bali.
                                                                     This is the book cover.
                                                                              This is her with her book.


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